Friday, January 25, 2013

One good week.

This week was quite eventful. 

I bought some corn grown in town. I need to guarantee my chickens are eating good, real corn and not the genetically modified variety we find at the market.

I discovered my new chicken, Maria Augusta, is a bit of a daredevil and spends her days perched on an axe. The axe is not there to eventually kill her but to chop up Weaver´s Broom to cover the ground of the coop.

There were cabbages to be picked. I wish the cabbages in our garden were this big.

A little mouse paid us a visit and decided to eat butter and chillies. The little guy has good taste.

I was offered a broom by a lady in town. This small broom is made from the Mastic shrub. The flexible, even after dried, stems of this shrub are also used to make the bobbins that go into the old wooden weaving shuttles. 

A specially ordered scarf I had finished last week arrived at its final destination. Chris looks happy wearing it, he says it is very warm. I look forward to seeing photos of him and it on the Japanese snow fields.

Today we drove into some clouds.

And I almost forgot, ... it snowed!!! I was so excited all the photos came out blurred. I have never lived in a place where it snows, it was brilliant even though short lived.

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