Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Left overs.

Today I started a new scarf. There is always a lot of wool that is left over each time I weave. This is normal in the weaving process, unfortunately. I thought of collecting this wool and have a bag full. Last week I though to tie the left over wool to make a reasonable length that I could work with. The scarf I started today is made using only left over bits of wool for the weft. I am quite happy with the result.

I re-found a patchwork cushion my grandmother made by hand. She was a very creative lady. This cushion is a nice reminder also not to make excuses. If you don´t have a sewing machine, use a needle and thread. And not everything has to be perfect, perfectly cut, perfectly sewn. I look at this cushion and try to imagine how she pieced it together, what she was thinking.

The past couple of weeks I have been gathering all the 100% pure wool I can find in green. I am going to make a hooded jacket for my friend David. I think he will end up looking like a tree, an idea he is quite fond of. He imagines more of a Zelda look. Either way I am sure it will look great. This wool is quite old as you can gather from the labels. 

And to finish off, if you have ever wondered what a small town priest with grandeur delusions used to read, the last picture gives you a little sneak peak. He read La Vie(pictured here), Flama and Lumen among others. Yes... he read Catholic magazines, basically.

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