Friday, October 19, 2012

New quilt and New pure 100% wool

This week I started a new little patchwork quilt and then my sewing machine decided that it needed a break. The machine is now being repaired by a very friendly old man that cuts hair by day and fixes machines by night. I am quietly confident that soon I will be sewing again.

Also this week a new lot of wool arrived. It is "Escocesa", 100% Portuguese new wool. The factory that made this wool no longer exists and so I am trying to buy as much as I can find so that I have enough wool to keep on weaving.

This week it rained for 2 straight days and the temperatures dropped quite dramatically. Even thought it is only just the beginning of Autumn and the leaves on the trees are not yet going yellow, every night we have lit the fireplace.

With the sewing machine out of action and while waiting for the wool to arrive, it was a week for other things.

And so the list went:
-collecting firewood- check
-picking quince to make quince jam/marmelade- check
-planting cabbage and lettuce in my wicking chest- check
-drying figs- check
-suspicious cute little cat- check
-friendly neighbour making illegal firewater (the whole town smells like a brewery)- check