Friday, May 4, 2012

May... new start

This is my new studio in the small town of Meimão, 3 and a half hours North East from Lisbon. We are in the process of organizing electricity and rebuilding a mezzanine to use as extra work space and storage. The space was once used to house animals and hay and was built over 100 years ago or so I hear and it is full of treasures. It has wonderful natural light even though at the moment it still appears a little dark, but with a few glass roof tiles it will be perfect for spring and summer. And so I hope to by the end of the month be in full swing and back on track with all my new projects.

May is also a month for flowers and here the fields were once abounding with wild peonies. Here they are called "Maios" and "Maias", which means May and without fail when the seasons used to beat right the first day of May the blossoms would bloom. The flowers smell very sweet and to me like cloves.