Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Friends with Talent: David Eris Loong

Last year I wished I had a fibula, a brooch for my woven wrap. As I imagined what it might look like I thought of a squirrel, predictable. I then asked my very talented friend, David Loong, if he could make me one. David said yes and sent me a sketch of the design. I thought it was cute when we discussed the materials to use, "... well, it would depend on the type of squirrel which is in your heart. Copper would suit a red squirrel, silver a grey and a mixture for stripy.". The squirrel in my heart is red, I said.

David was busy working to sell his work at the markets but he soon mailed me to let me know the design had evolved and soon after I received photos of the finished product. It is the most beautiful thing ever and it now graces my wrap. I feel like an ancient warrior when I wear it.

For as long as I have know David he has been creating and selling the most creative, beautifully crafted and unique jewellery. You should have a look at his work on Etsy. If you live in Australia, David works out of his workshop in a lovely house in the Blue Mountains and also sells at the Markets in Canberra. You can contact him if you like his work and you can also commission something special like I did. 

His shop is here, have a look.

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