Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Esquilo & Mesa.

Early last year we had the opportunity to host and participate in the making of a music video. The video was for a band from Porto called Mesa for a song from their latest album, and was directed by our very talented friend, Jorge Vaz Gomes. Perhaps you remember an earlier post about his skills as a photographer. The video was shot in Meimão. The property we live in as well as my studio feature both in interior and exterior shots. Even our little chickens and yours truly make an appearance.

And if all of the above was not enough… (I was going to say "the icing on the cake", but it quickly came to mind that Proust would not approve of such clichés)... I was asked to help with the wardrobe, which was an outstanding experience. João and Rita from Mesa both wore Esquilo handmade woven pieces, namely a scarf and a wrap, to accent their carefully selected vintage wardrobe. 

The weather was fantastic, sunny with clear blue skies, but very cold. The cast and crew missed rain and snow by just one week. I truly hope the Esquilo woollens made the difference. It was a terrific, busy weekend, spent with old and new friends. 

The video was released last week. I hope you like it.

In the photos you can see Jorge with David Valadão, who was in charge of the camera, and with Rita Reis on set.

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  1. Congratulations to all involved the I really enjoyed the Clip and the song :)