Monday, June 13, 2016

Kasuri Foundation Course- the end

After all, that sweating to get the loom set up as precisely as possible paid off. I am very happy with the results. The colour that had ended up being off actually looked good in the end too, so it was positive all round. With the warp/weft Kasuri finished marking the end of the Foundation Course, it was time to celebrate and go for a walk to the bakery to stock up on carbon bamboo bread sticks.

The walk was very pleasant, though long, but very worthwhile. I could have borrowed a bike from the school, but I don´t see details when I bike ride. On the way I saw bamboo fences, magnificent flowers and the most beautiful bonsai garden with respective gardener at work. 

The day after I saw a freshly dead snake by the school. Not just any snake. A Yamakagashi, or tiger keelback. It is venemous, but rarely do people get hurt because its fangs are located towards the back of its mouth. But should you be bitten you will bleed internally and your blood won´t coagulate, so your gums bleed, the area bitten bleeds non stop, blood in the urine, blood, blood, blood. I felt sorry for it, and had to check several times approaching slowly just to make sure it wasn´t feigning an injured gut.

With the snake incident behind me I went into Kyoto. Found a lovely tea shop, whose super nice owner explained all I needed to know about green tea, and I stocked up on some to take back home. It was then time to walk and see more temples, to see pretend geishas takes photos of pretend geishas. Fighting the crowds, I finally arrived at the temple. Just then it started to rain, bringing much needed relief to a super hot and muggy day with 88% humidity. The summer rain has begun. It rained all afternoon and night of sunday. No wonder this place is so green.

Inspired by the temple´s bright colours I finally got hooked into buying overpriced fruit. The lovely vibrant display is at the Demachiyanaguy mall. 

And today marked the beginning of the Applied Kasuri course, part I. We will be attempting shifting Kasuri and Nassen Gasuri, a stencil variant where the warp is painted while on the loom. It will be fun, but as we get more experience it seems the schedule gets a little tighter. Lets see how we fare this week.

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