Thursday, May 26, 2016

Japan, Little Indigo Museum, Miyama.

Japan. A day trip to the Little Indigo Museum in the Heritage listed town of Miyama. I take 5 photos from a distance and my phone dies leaving me with no camera or way of recording anything except with my senses. The whole place was filled with the overwhelming scent of clover flowers, simply delicious.

It was an extraordinary experience, a guided visit of the museum with demonstration of the indigo dye process by none other than Hiroyuki Shindo himself and his lovely assistant son. We also got to visit the museum gallery and Hiroyuki´s vast private collection of indigo dyed fabrics of various techniques and from several parts of of the world. Even though most of what was transmitted was in Japanese, the enthusiasm and love for the craft and maintaining the tradition alive was clearly understood.

Lunch was spent by a small cool stream filled with a myriad of dragon flies and tiny brown frogs. Food was what I could find at the shop that I could sort of understand. Bananas and some snacks. The whole place felt as though it was filled with some spirit that seemed very happy to have us there, revealed in the form of ants that attacked the banana peels in my backpack.

This seems like the beginning of a weird and wonderful adventure. When being shown around the school I was asked to always keep the door shut because otherwise spider monkeys will come inside. I admit I am a little tempted to leave the door open.

Tomorrow, phone charged... more photos to take. Weaving starts next week on monday. Can´t wait.



  1. Beijinhoooos
    Diverte-te muito!!!

    1. Obrigada :-) estou a gostar imenso, este sitio é lindo lindo.

  2. Sounds like the beginning of an amazing adventure :)

  3. Claro que googlei os macaquitos para lhes ver a cara, parecem bem palermitas! Leave it open!!! :)