Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Small blanket.

Blanket off the loom,
the grass really is greener,
almond trees blooming.

The blanket hanging from the small verandah, as it came off the loom in one long strip, reminds me of the blankets and quilts hung the same way during religious processions. It did look nice in one long piece. After separating the 2 pieces I joined them using the invisible stitch technique, but because my selvages are double threaded it looks anything but invisible. Either way, I like the fact that you can see that the 2 pieces were clearly joined, much like the blankets made on traditional narrower looms. Only when I was doing the "Papa blanket" workshop did I get to use a traditional loom that was wide enough to make a blanket in one go. Otherwise all the older woven blankets etc. got their desired width from joining 2 or 3 lengths side by side.

The weather is only today asking for a little blanket like this, so the timing is perfect.

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