Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rasta Scarf and Deco Prints.

Thirty something degree heat is not exactly the ideal environment to weave 100% wool scarves. The knowledge this bespoke scarf will be going to the snowy slopes of New Zealand, however, does help to cool things down a little. Or maybe a cool bevvie would do the trick! But the scarf is finished and ready to post and the loom is ready to be set up again.

Mr. Louro, the new puppy is looking good these days. Today he was invited to a Puppy Party! I bet he is very excited about that.

This last weekend the second hand markets in Lagos were quite interesting and fruitful. I bought 2 original Jennie Harbour illustrations, hand printed by Raphael Tuck and Sons, ltd. from London. Jennie Harbour was an art deco illustrator that lived between 1893 and 1959 and these prints are likely from somewhere between 1917 and 1929. There is little known about Jennie and most about her can be found on this site. One print is called "A Rosy Ruse" and the other "Miselle Demure". They are both just beautiful as are all her illustrations. 

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