Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fingers crossed, JAPAN 2016.

Some good news finally. I have been accepted into Kawashima Textile School in Japan. If all goes well I will be joining the International Kasuri course. But first I need to get awarded a scholarship offered by the "Fundação Oriente". I need to apply for that in June so I´ll need to start working on my proposal soon.  I have some ideas. Fingers crossed. I can dream, right?

I was given this sampler by a friend. At first I thought it was just another stitch sampler but at closer look I realised it is actually a knitted darning sampler. How unusually beautiful. Such a perfect reminder that things CAN be fixed, not one but, several different ways.

Then Spring happened. 

And soon after, Paradise arrived. Oh, but wait, the beautiful beach you see, recently awarded most beautiful in Portugal and once the world, is being "fixed" because it is too narrow at high tide, and while we are at it we may as well just ruin it. Go figure. May be the last time we see it like this. RIP Praia da Dona Ana, Lagos, Portugal. :-(

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