Monday, January 26, 2015

Red & blue.

Another scarf completed, this time a special request, for a friend.

A very interesting goat feeder that looks more like something Mr. Squiggle would live in.

And the best thing about ordering things from Japan is that they are Japanese and come in packages with Japanese characters. I bought a length of woven vintage Kasuri fabric. Kasuri is a resist dye technique you can learn more about here on this link. My fabric was dyed using wooden blocks, a method used to speed up the dyeing process. You can tell by the selvages that are not visible in this picture that that was how it was made. I loved how included with the fabric was a Green tea bag and instructions, on what to do with it, printed on origami paper. The last image shows a close up of a pair of pants whose fabric is printed to replicate this technique. I dream of going to school in Japan, at the Kawashima Textile School, to learn Kasuri. Applications for the Spring courses close in 4 days! But before this dream becomes a reality, many scarves need to be woven. Sponsorships and donations would be very welcome ;-).

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