Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Manecas... my first intern.

Manecas, my first ever intern, finished his woven scarf today. Manecas was brilliant and a super fast learner, I was very impressed. He helped with setting up the loom and from there he took over. He chose the colors to use, filled the navettes, and wove all on his own. He is a true natural. And he was very happy too with his work as can be seen from the photos. Manecas made his scarf over four sittings of about 2 hours each. One day we set up the loom and the others were spent weaving, 20 cm a day. I only helped with the last 18cm. I think it was a really fun experience for Manecas, who even mentioned that he wouldn´t mind being a weaver. For me it was very rewarding to see how happy my first intern was through the whole process and to see him learn so fast.

If that story was not enough to get you all happy on the inside, I leave you with Bela Luísa. She is the newest addition to the family. She is only 2 months old and extremely well behaved and very mellow, except for when she bites my ankles with her razor sharp teeth. According to Ti'Domingos from town she is going to be a good dog because she has four eyes and those are the best dogs. The extra 2 eyes are those brown spots above her own pretty, pretty eyes. And if you are wondering about her name, Bela Luísa, it is another name for Lucia Lima or Lemon Verbena, and is my favorite plant to make infusions with. Very soothing!

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