Monday, April 22, 2013

Deer and Massey

Not everything here in the country is soft and mushy. John Deer and Massey Ferguson tractors are just about the best looking farm machines. I have been tractor spotting here in town since I arrived. My favourite is the 265 Massey Ferguson. It is impeccable, always so shiny and clean.

Things are starting to bloom at record speeds and the weather has finally permitted for the land to be worked. The town is in a frenzy preparing potatoes for sowing. Everyone is talking about potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!

I am busy working on that patchwork quilt I can´t show you.

This week I am also going to get the details about a weaving workshop I am hopefully, fingers crossed, going to attend.  The José Freire Blanket factory in Maçainhas, that made the "Papa" blankets on manual looms from wool of the local Churra breed, closed last year. It was the last of its kind in Portugal. The blankets are warm, heavy and very hairy. After woven they are washed, felted and then carded. I can´t wait to learn how to make them. Who knows, maybe we can reopen the factory.

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