Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Release the hens!

Yesterday was a good day. We finally got our little chickens. The coop is ready to receive its guests but it still needs some final touches. But I think it looks pretty good already. The floor we covered with chopped up bits of dried grasses and pine needles. There are eleven chicks and they seem happy with their new home. Well... they were behaving like chickens should anyway, scratching around, stretching their wings open and catching some sun rays, pecking about looking for what I don´t know.

The five little egg shaped dishes I got from the antique fair in Guarda about a month or so ago and they had been inspiring me. I hope our chickens are happy enough to lay lots of eggs, if they come out in pastel colours they would be very handy come Easter time. The embroidered children´s bib is also very fun with the girl feeding the chickens and such a creative design. The bib belongs to Sra. Rita, she is now in her 80´s.  I might make one for me as a top and wear it to let the chickens know I am only there to feed them. I can´t get my head around the thought of eating them.

More weaving.

And one massive beautiful cloud to end the day.

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