Thursday, August 16, 2012

Studio up and running

The new studio is finally in full swing and we even have electricity now, a luxury it seems, to be able to use my sewing machine. But I have to admit, and you will probably catch on to this anyway, that I have not posted for some time so the next posts are going to be me trying to catch up to real time. And so, because there is no excuse not to work just because there is no electricity I occupied most of the last 4 months with projects that require no electricity at all. The first project as you can see above was an embroidery project, a cushion embroidered with wool on antique hand loomed linen. More projects of the same nature followed which I will show you tomorrow. Then I was given a loom, not an antique one and not a super professional one either but super sturdy and excellent for the projects I have in mind. I will show you those soon also. And then there was Spring and flowers and all sorts of pretty things to collect from the fields. Now with electricity there is also the sewing machine and iron, so of course it seems natural that there are some patchwork quilts on the way. And it seems there are so many things to catch up on.

The days have a tendency to evaporate here, in a good way, and many things are achieved. I will try and update you throughout the next week.

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