Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It started raining last night. It was quite an eventful storm. The kind that wakes you with water dripping above your head and an explosive short circuit, with fire, at your front door.

The day, was well spent early on, replacing broken roof tiles, but there is still a live wire in the house, just to keep it exciting.

The overcast day, after months of perfect distracting beach weather, was the much needed kick to finish setting up the loom and weave. And so there I spent most of the day and afternoon, a very productive 1,20m of scarf.

Always present Japan, a paper mask, keeps an eye.

But the end of the day was too irresistible and with no rain in sight, it was perfect for getting out the gum boots and going for a walk. I tried to weed for a bit to make the most of the soft wet soil, but I soon got distracted. Trying to save some weed infested carrots was not really doing it for me.

The pomegranates have started to crack, possibly with the excess rain, but they are delicious all the same. The one I picked just happened to be a tiny spider´s kingdom, I am sure she´ll be fine.

For any big sky/cloud enthusiasts/artists out there, this is the place to be. Feel free to visit. Equally if you are a fan of pumpkins, drop by and grab one, they are delicious.

I confess I am not a big fruit eater, definitely not  a persimmon fan, but there is nothing like picking the fruit from the tree and eating it.

Staying on the pomegranate theme, I highly recommend Sergei Parajanov’s, 1968, "The colour of Pomegranates".

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