Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kasuri Foundation Course- Days 3 and 4

Things move very fast here at the Kawashima Shuttle club and by the end of today, day 4, we had completed our first Kasuri project. Tomorrow we begin preparing a new warp for our second and final foundation work. Day 3 saw us set up the loom and begin weaving and today it was all over. As simple as that. Kasuri really is a very precise art as can be seen from my samples (or not). The shifting is normal and allowed but there are limits and I found myself unweaving several sections at a time to correct a millimeter "mistake". The samples above show warp and double Kasuri and the last example was just a free do whatever you like.

As a reward for working so hard after school we went for a bike ride to "The bakery". It was well worth it. It is a "French" inspired bakery, meaning there was actually stuff there I could recognise, like croissants, bread, cheese sticks etc. In the end I bought a bag full of stuff the strangest of which was a bamboo charcoal bread stick, which was delicious.

On the way back we came across a bamboo forest to keep to the theme and more of the neat and quirky Japan we have come to expect. My favourite are the warning signs normally place by the side of the road where there might be a drain cover for example. 

And I keep on confirming my theory that dogs in Japan even though may go to salons and hotels do not bark. Not a single dog I have seen has barked, unless for maybe one and it was at another dog which is perfectly reasonable. No dogs barking at night, no dogs barking at strangers. No barks.

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