Friday, October 18, 2013

Little Dude left & Autumn arrived.

My Little Dude is finally finished and is on her way to Berlin to join the other little dudes. I hope she makes it in one piece, I am afraid I may not have packed her with the super extra care required. Fingers crossed. You can see the beginning of her woven coat and a close up of the finished outfit. I can´t show you her complete, you´ll just have to check out the Little Dudes site for updates or go to the exhibition if you happen to be in Berlin from the 1st to the 3rd of November ;-).

I am as curious as this sheep looks to start weaving according to the Saori way. This was my first attempt at a scarf that follows the Saori Philosophy. A way where mistakes are valued and creativity encouraged as a zen way to self discovery. It is not easy to let go of our ideas of what is "right" , "perfect" or "technically correct". I really enjoyed making this scarf and am happy to be able to tell those I have shown it that point out mistakes that it is supposed to be that way. The idea is to create something no machine could replicate. I have a long way to go yet.

With the arrival of Autumn came gifts of pears. So then there was also pear jam to make.

A trip to the fields reminded me of the sea. The closest thing we have here to waves are the grasses that are caught in the wind and get swirled about. It is beautiful. A trip to Peniche was well deserved and refreshing and there I found fish drying in the sun, with the same golden pale yellow colours as the dried grasses back home.

Mushrooms, mushrooms... picking mushrooms has to be the funnest thing to do. Yesterday I found these underneath the chestnut trees. I believe they are Boletus Aereus an excellent edible mushroom with firm flesh. This little family weighs more than one kilo and will make quite a meal. That said I am still waiting to hear from a friend who is an expert on identifying and picking mushrooms before I go ahead and eat them.

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