Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quilts and Hazelnuts

I started making two new quilts in bright colours. For the first quilt I used some antique hand woven linen which works very well for texture and breathing space. The stars in the star quilt are made from left over bits and pieces of extremely vibrant cotton used in the popular embroideries from Viana do Castelo. The quilts are far from finished but for now I am missing a few fabrics and so it is better to take a break. And there is much work to be done on the loom. I just got a new lot of wool and am ready to weave my way into the coming winter. Soon you will be able to order scarves and wraps online. 

And yes, that time of the year is fast approaching and we will soon be saying "goodbye" to Summer and "hello" to Autumn, and so like a good little squirrel would I have started to collects nuts. For now we have hazelnuts. I never knew they grew out of these bud like husks. They are so pretty. I have to leave them to dry before we can eat them.  


  1. Love that illustration, where is it from?

  2. Ramon, the illustration is from a book in our local library that opens once in a blue moon. I forgot to take the reference, sorry. But next time I catch it open I´ll make sure to
    give you the details. It has the most wonderful illustrations :-)